Optometry and America's leading employers mobilize for the year of the eye exam

In 2020, the American Optometric Association (AOA), affiliate organizations and doctors of optometry are implementing a multi-channel initiative to make 2020 the year of the eye exam.

As part of the #2020EyeExam initiative, the North Carolina Optometric Society (NCOS) is
calling on employers throughout the state to sign the #2020EyeExam Employer Pledge, underscoring their commitment to uphold employee eye health through education and by encouraging employees to get their annual, in-person comprehensive eye examination.

Up to 16 million Americans struggle with undiagnosed or untreated vision impairments. Combined with the fact that eye diseases, vision loss, and eye disorders create an estimated $139 billion economic burden, the U.S. is facing a significant public health crisis. America’s primary eye health care providers, doctors of optometry, are joining forces with invested employers who recognize eye health and vision are critical to their employees’ health, well-being and productivity.

Employers large and small who join the #2020EyeExam Employer Pledge will be recognized as leaders in a public health mobilization initiative to address the current eye health and vision challenge facing America today. Participating organizations will be highlighted through a year-long communications program reaching the public and AOA’s more than 44,000 doctors of optometry, optometric professionals and students.

Pledging can be as involved as you want. There is no monetary commitment and it can be an “official” pledge (i.e., your organization name can be posted on the website) or an unofficial partner (decline to have your company posted on the website).

The Pledge
"In partnership with AOA's 2020, we remind our employees of the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam by an AOA doctor of optometry. We encourage all employees to schedule a 2020 eye exam with an AOA family doctor of optometry to protect vision to support school and work success, to relieve digital eye stress arising from increasing device use and to ensure early diagnosis of and treatment for eye diseases like glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness. An office visit for an eye exam also helps safeguard overall health by allowing the doctor to diagnose serious health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and certain types of cancers. Remember to make 2020 the Year of Your Eye Exam."  

What Does Participating in The Pledge Look Like?
Participating employers can choose how they would like to support the pledge, from simply indicating support to additional activities. There is no minimum or maximum participation.

Activities can include:

  • Post graphics created by AOA on intranet/employee channels.
  • Send one (or several) pre-drafted emails to employees educating them on how to preserve their eye health and vision. 
  • Include the AOA pledge badge on your website.
  • Include information on eye health care in newsletters.
  • Inclusion in public-facing media outreach efforts leading up to and through 2020.
  • Promote the pledge at events with flyers/other materials.
  • Offer a speaking spot for an AOA doctor of optometry at an event or meeting.
    • AOA’s Chief Public Health Officer has worked with organizations and government agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service and NASA, to provide education to employees about the importance of a comprehensive eye exam.
  • Send out flyers/poster to remind people to get their annual comprehensive eye exam with an AOA doctor of optometry.
  • Write a blog about the importance of eye health care and post it on your website.
  • Post a provided video to encourage people to care for their eye health by getting their annual comprehensive eye exam with an AOA doctor of optometry.

Partner Recognition
The AOA will recognize partners who opt-in to public recognition through a series of activities through 2020:

  • Feature on the AOA pledge website as a committed employer, as well as through AOA communications in award-winning publication Focus and AOA communication channels.
  • Visibility during the AOA’s annual gathering – Optometry’s Meeting – of AOA members in Washington, D.C.
    • During the annual meeting, the list of employees on the pledge will be shared with elected officials in the House and Senate.
  • Visibility via a poster and/or screen featuring all the companies who participate in the pledge will be provided for display in all AOA member offices
  • Amplification of support by AOA member sharing links, infographics, videos on social media platforms/websites with companies that have signed on to this pledge.

The NCOS will also recognize partners by:

  • Featuring them on our website, in our newsletters and on our social media platforms.
  • Visibility during our annual Spring and Fall Congress meetings.

Participating Employers
Thank you to these North Carolina employers who have joined the pledge to make Americans' eye health and vision a priority in 2020.



Employer Pledge Sign Up
To sign the pledge, please contact Paul Kranze, NCOS Associate Executive Director, at [email protected].