Resources for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The NCOS has compiled the following list of potential resources for PPE. We will continue to update this information as more resources become available. Supply levels for PPE change often – some sources below may have equipment immediately available, others may not. We recommend checking these sources routinely, after utilizing your normal resources for PPE.

This is not an endorsement of any company or product, and the NCOS is not attesting these resources meet CDC or NCDHHS requirements. Offices are responsible for the appropriate use and adherence to all PPE requirements.

For your reference, the following resources may prove helpful as you purchase PPE:

NCDHHS: Requesting PPE
CDC Resource on Reduced Availability of PPE
CMS Guidance on Reopening and Use of PPE
FDA Resource Outlining Types of PPE

Cleaning Protocols
OSHA Coronavirus Protocols
CDC: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

Face Masks/Shields/Goggles

Dom Vetro
Face Shields That Fits Any Eyewear

K95 / Disposable Face Masks

ETS Displays
Face Shields / Pupilometer Breath Shields

Face Shields / Reusable Face Masks
*% of sales from eye care products will be donated to AOA's Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief

N95 / KN95 / Medical Masks / Surgical Breath Shields / Goggles

KN95 / Disposable Face Masks

Phoropter Breath Shields
Phoropter Breath Shields

Pulsar Eco Products
K95 / Disposable Medical Masks / Disposable Non-Medical Masks

Xodus Medical
Face Protection Shields


Amcon Labs
Nitrile Exam Gloves

Latex-Free Gloves

Nitrile Exam Gloves / Copolymer Latex Exam Gloves

Disinfectants/Sanitizers/Sterilizers/Air Purifiers

Amco Labs

American Floor Mats
Sanitizing Floor Mat/Purell Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer

Delta Optical Supply
99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol

Sterilizers/Air Purifiers

Hand Sanitizer
*% of sales from eye care products will be donated to AOA's Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief

Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Wipes

Southern Distilling Company
Hand Sanitizer

The UV Box
UV Box Ultraviolet Sanitizer

Guards for Optical and Staff

ETS Displays
Dispensing Desk Guards / Enviro-Guards

Frame Displays

Protective Sneeze Guards

Slit Lamp Breath Shields

ETS Displays
Universal Breath Shields

Free Breath Shields for Marco Slit Lamps

Haag-Streit USA
Universal Breath Shields

Free Breath Shields for Customers

Free Breath Shields - Can Be Installed on Most Slit Lamps Regardless of Make or Model


iHealth Labs
Infrared No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

No-Touch Forehead Thermometer


Disposable Isolation and Surgical Gowns

Atlantic Janitorial

Located in Wilmington, NC. They have the following items available to ship: toilet paper, paper towel, gloves, masks, surgical masks including N95 masks, disinfectant, hand sanitizers, sanitary wipe systems, microfiber reusable wipes, instant foam wall hand sanitizers and standing units. Contact Jim Fuchs at 215-718-4428.

ImageMark Business Services

ImageMark Business Services, a printing, branding and marketing company located in Gastonia, NC, has recently begun providing COVID-19 signage and other related resources specifically designed for eye care. 

ImageMark has created floor stickers for social distancing, hand-washing reminders for restrooms, banners for sharing office protocols, face masks and shields, hand sanitizer and other PPE (some of which can be branded), and they have a disinfectant that is FDA-approved for killing the COVID-19 virus.

Click here for a product flyer with a special savings code. View their entire line of safety products at

In recognition of the recent public unrest across the nation where many eye care practices were damaged, a percentage of sales from eye care products will be donated to the AOA’s Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief.

Long-term PPE Resources from AOAExcel

The urgent nationwide shortage of supplies of PPE for frontline, essential care providers, including doctors of optometry, is placing America’s health care workforce and the public at further risk. The AOA is among the leading national health care organizations actively urging the president, congress and equipment suppliers to immediately focus on and fix this dire situation.

DURING THE NATIONWIDE SHORTAGE: Due to the efforts of states, localities and public health organizations, and through federal prioritization and targeting efforts, PPE supplies are being directed to outbreak hotspots and potential future hotspots. Doctors are advised to explore current availability of quality PPE through state and local agencies as well as other immediate term sources.

NEXT STEPS FOR SECURING PPE FOR OPTOMETRY PRACTICES: Looking beyond the current nationwide shortage, AOA doctors are advised that AOAExcel’s ( exclusive group purchasing organization (GPO) partner, Intalere, is positioned to gain assured, long-term access to steady supplies of hospital-grade, quality controlled PPE at competitive pricing. This is an AOA member benefit.

  • For doctors/practices already enrolled in AOAExcel’s GPO program: You may directly contact Intalere’s Operational Continuity & Emergency Management team at 877-711-5600 for the latest information on PPE availability and access. (Intalere member number is required. If not known, it can be accessed by contacting the AOAExcel team at [email protected]).

  • For doctors/practices not yet enrolled in AOAExcel’s GPO program: Click here to provide basic registration information. The enrollment process will be completed within four business days. To get started or for other assistance, contact the AOAExcel team at [email protected].

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