VSP Eyes of Hope Gift Certificates

The VSP Eyes of Hope Gift Certificates program provides no-cost access to prescription glasses AND eye care for adults and children in need. If you are a VSP Choice network doctor who carries Altair frames, you can use these gift certificates to be reimbursed by VSP for the eyewear AND eye care you provide. 

Three different gift certificates are available:

  • VSP Sight for Students gift certificates - provides children in need who are 19 years of age or younger with no-cost eye care and prescription glasses.
  • VSP Eyes of Hope Full Coverage gift certificates - provides adults and children in need with no-cost eye care and prescription glasses.
  • VSP Eyes of Hope Materials Only gift certificates - provide individuals who have coverage for an eye exam but not eyewear with no-cost prescription glasses.

Only Altair frames are allowed. VSP will cover up to $115 resale (typically $45 wholesale). If the patient chooses frames above that, they get a 20% discount on the coverage.

Lenses are provided by the VSPOne lab that processes the materials request. Sight for Students Gift Certificate lab jobs must go through The VSPOne Columbus lab because they have the supply of Otis & Piper frames. All other lab jobs can go to any VSPOne Lab.

The gift card services/benefits cannot be split between providers. The patient must receive both exam and materials from the same provide via the same claim.


  • Family income at or under 200% of federal poverty level guidelines
  • Haven't received care through a VSP program within the last 12 months
  • No vision care coverage through a private insurer or government program (Sight for Student and Full Coverage gift certificates); No coverage for prescription eyewear through a private insurer or government program (Materials Only gift certificates)..

These gift certificates do not need to be used in conjunction with the VISION NC program

To request these gift certificates, contact Kristen Rauch at (919) 977-6964 or [email protected]. When submitting your request, please tell us the amount you would like for the next six months and we’ll mail them to you in bulk.