About the North Carolina Optometric Society

Established in 1909, the North Carolina Optometric Society (NCOS) is a community of optometrists dedicated to delivering comprehensive eye care services accessible by all North Carolinians.

We advocate for accessible eye care health services for all North Carolina residents; educate North Carolina residents about good eye health for life and the field of optometry, and develop personal relationships with clients to ensure lifelong vision and good eye health.

As North Carolina’s eye doctors, our members center everything they do on the belief that happier, healthier lives begin with healthy eyes. They form lifelong relationships with their patients and through regular, comprehensive eye exams they diagnose, treat and manage eye disease and injuries. They prescribe corrective lenses and glasses, and help patients maintain good eye health for life.

Our Mission: 

Advance and protect the profession of optometry to
improve vision and health in North Carolina.