Students and New Licensees

Currently enrolled in optometry school? Just became a licensed optometrist? Been practicing for several years and recently moved to the state? No matter what your current status is, the North Carolina Optometric Society is here to support you!

Together with the American Optometric Association, we offer outstanding benefits and services to all our members. Below are some of our top benefits for students and new licensees / recent graduates.

NCOS and AOA Benefits

  • Professional development and career resources
  • Tiered dues system to ease the burden of membership dues for early career optometrists
  • Advocacy for the protection and advancement of your profession’s scope of practice
  • Exclusive access to the largest network of optometrists
  • Important news via e-newsletters, emails, and social media

NCOS Benefits

  • Free meeting registration - student members receive free Virtual Seminar, Spring Congress, and Fall Congress registration. New Licensees receive free Fall Congress registration (ODs licensed in North Carolina in the current year).
  • New Licensee and Student Seminars at Fall Congress (must attend to get free registration)
  • Contract Review Servicegives graduating students and young ODs exclusive access to an attorney to review an employee/employer contract at a nominal cost
  • Access to online classified ads with job listings from across the state. Student members also receive access to a list of summer positions offered by member practices
  • Mentorship Program - get connected with an experienced OD to help guide you through the early stages of your career
  • Access to a New Grad Checklist to utilize at the completion of optometry school
  • Young ODs Program – an open forum to network and connect face-to-face with other early career ODs 
  • Leadership opportunities and professional recognition

Find out what it's like to practice in North Carolina.

 AOA Benefits

  • No-cost $50,000 group term life insurance for your first fully licensed year 
  • Business and liability insurance – receive 50% off your first year malpractice insurance coverage premium and 25% off your second year
  • Private loan consolidation 
  • Custom practice financing through Bank of America
  • Business and career webinars on valuable practice management tips
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